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6 Places where you can find the best Made in Italy fashion and style

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Ofanto Italy is all about Made In Italy and we can't wait to tell you more about the skills of our artisans, the beauty of Italian places and pleasures of life in our Country. In the while, we thought that we would like give you a brief view of the Italian fashion industry and understand how and where the best products are designed and crafted.

Italy prides itself for its impeccable sense of fashion and our fashion products have found their way in several red carpet events globally. In Hollywood for example, stars adorn Italy clothing, jewelry and shoes with confidence. Often, the fashion products are designed not only to cover up the body but also to accentuate the figure. Italian women say the outfits show “la bella figura”. Unlike in other parts of the world, fashion in Italy is not a preserve of the rich or the young. Do not be surprised to find a woman in her 50s maneuvering the cobble streets with denim pants, a sensual top and 4-inch high heels to complement. Men too are not left behind. It is not surprising to meet a man wearing some trendy shirt and dress pants. Italians have no limit when it comes to fashion. Let’s shed now some light on the industry.

Italian fashion industry is spread out among its various regions. Each of the regions contributes to the sector by bringing in their specialties. Let’s explore which are the most important regions and what their expertise is.

1. Marche, the home of shoes

Marche region is based in the eastern side of Italy, in the provinces of Ancona, Macerata and Ascoli Piceno. It is the main hub for Italian leather shoes and sometimes referred as the ‘shoes valley’. With more than 2000 companies and about 30000 employees, it provides footwear for the high heel idolaters in the country and abroad. The region also produces formal and casual footgear for men.  The shoes combine design, style, innovation and creativity while the artisans use skills that have been passed through generations to make irresistible shoes for men and women. Be it sneakers, walk shoes, ultra-high wedge shoes or official leather shoes for men, you will find them here.  If  a shoe is made in Italy, more often than not it will carry a label of Marche.

2. Toscana for bags, shoes and clothing

Toscana needs no presentation. It surely is one of the most World wide most famous and visited Regions with Florence, Pisa and Chianti Valley the most know for the historical cultures and marvelous wines. But Toscana is much more than this infact it is also know for all kinds of clothing, shoes and bags. It produces trendy clothing for men and women don't forgetting and important kidswear industry. Hence, where you are shopping for the whole family, this is the region to go. Still in this region, you will find shoes of all types as well as quality and trendy bags. There are fashion products for people of all budgets. Therefore, as a tourist in the country do not hesitate to enter one of the fashion stores and shop to your satisfaction or browse our collections to buy directly from our website.

3. Puglia, formal and classic clothing

The region of Puglia also known as Apulia is popular for producing fashion clothing.  It produces most of clothing for different occasions, Italian workforce, and for people around the globe.  In a country where security forces wear designer clothes, you can only expect the best from Puglia. Apart from the casual wear, the region has changed the face of formal wear, making them trendy but remaining official. Quality fabrics grown and processed in the region are used to make amazing outfits for both men and women. They also specialize in uniforms for various companies.

One of the most important district is located in the beautiful Baroque town of Martina Franca in the middle of the Itria Valley, a land that is well known for the incredible Trulli houses that are scattered all round the area. Martina Franca is also famous for the summer opera Festival della Valle d'Itria

Ofanto Italy is an Puglia based company and we have the luck to enjoy the beauty of our region and his many artisans so expect to read many more articles on this topics.

4. Campania, long history in classic clothing, shoes and accessories

This Region is known in the entire World because of the beauty of its cities like Naples and Salerno and amazing places like Capri, Amalfi, Positano and the Sorrento peninsula.

Well, this is one of the most important Region in Italy in terms of fashion production since a lot of tailor laboratories have been crafting their products here since ages. Take a walk the historical centre in Naples of have a tour in Capri 'Piazzetta' to meet the shops of some of their brightest tailors for men or shoes artisans. Needless to say that in Campania some of the most important Italian accessories brands have their laboratories and manufacturing.

5. Lombardia, the historical silk producer

When people hear of Lombardia, the first thing that comes on  their mind, is the tourist destination, Milan.  It is a city characterized by spectacular landscapes and sandwiched between mountains and lakes.  But, Como is still a popular destination both for travelers and for business people in the textile industry.  Over the years, it has been the largest producer of silk fabrics. A visit here will not be complete, without shopping for silk ties, scarves and fabrics from the shops at very affordable prices.

6. Veneto

Veneto’s economy is a lucrative one, growing from an agricultural region to a successful manufacturing region. The region also contributes to the “Made in Italy” fashion products. It is known for the production of fabrics and clothing, which are exported to various parts across the globe. It is also a leading footwear producer, which makes it one of the pillars of the Italian fashion industry. Veneto is your ultimate fashion-shopping destination. Be it shoes, outfits or fine fabrics, you will find them here at reasonable prices.

With that, you understand where to find different fashion products, when you travel to Italy. Furthermore, you now know the labels to look out for, when shopping online.

This is all for now and we would like to hear from you, which is you favorite Italian Artisans or Designer right now! Feel free to comment below.


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