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Good morning everyone,

it's a beautiful Sunday here in Casamassima (Bari) and we're excited to announce that OfantoItaly.com is getting every day more and more complete towards the great opening days.

We're working very hard to contact great Italian Manufacturers and Artisans and get their heritage and quality on our website. We're building Ofanto Italy ecommerce because we want Italian Manufacturers to be able to reach the entire World with their incredible products that today can only be found mostly in Italy and in a few places in Europe.

We love our Land, Puglia, and we decided to found and operate this company here because.

For us it is the only acceptable way to stay in close contact with our manufacturers and artisans and deliver the best customer service possible.

I promise that we will talk about Puglia and other Italian regions in the next blog posts but for now take a look at our beautiful sandy beaches and understand why we could not escape from our beautiful land


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